Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union Conference TOTAL DEFENCE – IS IT STILL RELEVANT?

2018 November 17 / Vilnius /

Continuing the tradition and carrying out one of its main tasks – educating the society on the issues of state defence and national security, the Lithuanian Riflemen Union organizes the fifth international conference “Total defence – is it still relevant?”. During the conference, the well-known public figures, representatives of the military will speak about the…

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Baltic Miltech Summit 2018

2018 November 15 / Vilnius /

Baltic Miltech Summit 2018 is the first and the only event in the Baltic countries dedicated exceptionally for military technologies. High level public officials, representatives of companies in defence industries and innovative minds from startups, technology companies and many other enterprises will meet to brainstorm new ideas and to discuss the emerging trends in defence…

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The conference and industrial exhibition “Innovative Energy Solutions for Military Applications” (IESMA 2018)

2018 November 14 / Vilnius /

IESMA 2018 is a bi-anual event that aims to enable the information exchange on best practices and technologies for advancing energy efficiency in the military. It brings together numerous experts from military, industry and academia and creates a platform to present the expertise, discuss lessons learned. IESMA 2018 helps to accelerate: the transfer of innovative energy…

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