National Defence Industries Association

About NGPA

Lithuanian defence industry has to be a transparent and integral part of the system of Lithuanian defence.

A complicated contemporary geopolitical environment encourages the state to take decisive steps. The rapidly increased processes of the modernization and expansion of the army demand big financial, organizational and human resources, as well as big effort. Aiming to maintain efficient, rapid and uninterruptible management of defence system, it is crucial to gather together for all the participants of the defence system of the state, including the companies of defence industry and scientific institutions.

In this way, aiming to add to the processes that are important to the state, defence industry and scientific organizations joined together into Lithuanian Defence and Security Industries Association on the 17th December 2015.

Associations pursue:

  • To unify Lithuanian manufacturers and scientific organizations via transparent collaboration for the strengthening of the potential of Lithuanian defence.
  • To create manufacturing capabilities that would ensure the effective functioning of Lithuanian defence and security system during peaceful periods and especially – during crises.
  • To encourage Lithuanian industry and science to participate in the supply chain of the defence industry of NATO and the European Union.
  • To become a reliable partner while collaborating and consulting Lithuanian governmental and non-governmental institutions about the topics of defence industry and science.
  • To collaborate with the organizations, related to NATO and the European Union.
  • To represent their members in international organizations.