National Defence Industries Association



The traditional NDIA board and members extended meeting

2017 December 3 / Vilnius /

It has already become a tradition that the National Defense Industry Association organizes biannual meetings of the Board of Association and its members. At such meetings NGPA members have the opportunity to present their activities to other members of the Association. This is an excellent opportunity to share experiences and news, to ask relevant questions…

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November 23rd – Lithuanian Armed Forces Day

2017 November 22 / Vilnius /

We welcome all troops and members of the National Defense System on the occasion of the Lithuanian Army Day. We wish you every success in your hard service, strength and strength to achieve your goals, to support loyal friends, relatives, and an unwavering determination to serve Lithuania.

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A public opinion poll on civil resistance was presented at the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Conference

2017 November 18 / Vilnius /

This year november 17 An international conference “Society – A Guarantee of National Growth?” Organized by the Lithuanian Arms Union took place in Vilnius. One of the sponsors was the member of the National Defense Industry Association UAB LiTak Tak. During the conference, Professor Aina Ramonaitė, VU TSPMI professor, introduced for the first time to…

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